I wanna be an asshole so bad sometimes. I wanna not care more. I wanna fuck you & your friend. I wanna make better life decisions. I wanna have another conversation with my grandmother. I wanna finish my album already. I wanna find my own apt. I wanna move from NYC for a while. I wanna be as truthful to myself as I am with others. I wanna watch Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon, I love that movie. I wanna meet new people. I want mozzarella sticks. I want a lot of things. who cares. oh wow I just found Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon online. bye.


We started writing Monument after playing around with a software that can stretch short bits of music into billions of years of sound. It made total sense to me that Max wanted to explore this floating feeling and mediation in the video. 

Directed by Max Vitali Animations by Major Briggs, Daniel Söllscher, Choreography by Jefta van Dinther. Online/VFX by Julius Yildirim Denizhan Director of photography Mattias Rudh. Styling by Denise Ostholm Editing by James Norris. And thank you Anders Haal and The Creators Project.